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How do I get to see my kids after separation or divorce?

How do I get to see my kids after separation or divorce?


“A question I’m often asked is ‘How do I get to see my children?’.


It’s not always a dad asking that question, but it is often.”

That’s a really difficult one – because when one parent has been prevented, for whatever reason, whether rightly or (as is often the case) wrongly, it is very emotional and upsetting. It makes that parent who is being prevented from seeing their child, very very angry.

The first thing that they usually want to do, is to run off to court and to get a court order. This is often the worse thing they can do. This is where Mediation has a very important role to play, and is a better option than going to court.

It’s important that parents understand, that if you make an application to court, first of all you are not going to get an instant, quick solution. It could take several weeks, even months, to get a court order hearing.

You won’t necessarily get a court order allowing you to see your children after the first court hearing. It can drag on for many months. It’s extremely expensive. You are looking at probably a minimum spend of about £5,000.

More importantly, it’s not the best way to improve your relationship with the other parent!

This is why using Mediation as way to negotiate a parenting plan and access to your children, is a much better investment of time and money.”

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