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He’s left me so I must be worthless!

He’s left me so I must be worthless!

If you’re a woman and you’re the one who has been deserted – it’s difficult to feel good about yourself.

Is it my weight – have I gone to seed? Is that why he’s left me?

Or – he left me to look after the kids – so I gave up my career and now he finds me boring. It’s so unfair!

Or – I’m stuck at home and he’s out in the world – meeting glamorous people. I’ll never forgive him.


Once you’ve got over the shock – and if the relationship really can’t be mended – take a good look at yourself.

Have you become boring and dowdy?

Even worse – have you become bitter?

Evaluate yourself honestly.

Maybe it had very little to do with you – and more to do with a partner who needed to prove he was still attractive and virile.

Get over your hurt and anger as quickly as you can. I know it’s painful – but carrying it around with you is not a badge of honour but guaranteed to sour your soul. It will make you into the very person you don’t want to be.

There is no excuse for anyone to feel ‘worthless’ – it’s just not true.

So many women are ashamed that they’ve been abandoned that they try to hide. They don’t care what they wear or how they look.  Even if money is tight – try to care for your appearance. It sends a message to others that you care for yourself and that you’re worth caring for.

Don’t give in to destructive thoughts. You are not redundant or past your sell by date. He may not want to be with you but that is just one person’s opinion – you are still worthy of love and have much to contribute. Be kind to yourself. It takes time to get over such a huge change – but you will. And try not to make sweets and snacks a substitute. It’s very easy to do – but weight is much more difficult to take off than it is to put on, and if you load on the pounds you’ll feel even worse about yourself than you do right now.

Your ex is not the only man in the world. There may be someone out there who would be even better for you. Get yourself a makeover. Take up an interesting hobby or train in something new. You have skills and attributes which may never have been given the chance to blossom in your old relationship. Maybe it’s time for that to happen.

Start to go out again and to socialise. A word of warning here – never flirt with your friends’ husbands!



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