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Have you ever heard of a collaborative barrister?!

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Elissa Da Costa: Barrister, Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer

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  1. I would like to say this collaborative process should be made the first step in every divorce proceedings!
    I myself is on my second divorce; My first 30 years ago-she wanted a trial seperation, I refused-(on the grounds 3 sickly kids involved)she left! To give herself significance she told all family and friends what they wanted to hear, with much courts to do!
    However my efforts and success with my kids were totally overlooked while the courts and welfare forced our children onto her no matter how many times she return them to me with the excuse they were looking after the children’s interest???
    I was accuse of violence, bullying, financial incompitance – but a few….yet the same welfare officer in the last paragraph of her report stated I was the best able to to take care of the kids.. temporaryly anyway. Never heard from her again! that is untill my recent heart attack, she wanted to make amends and wish we could have behave differently!?
    Suffice to say I had the joys of bring up 3 tiny people and growing with them; 2 MEN and A-MOTHER-OF-A-WOMAN!!! all graduate professionals and articulate communicaters for myself I am able to articulate this commentry!!!!!
    All this on a wing and a prayer, and the failure of the system to force a woman to be a mother she couldn’t or wanted to be;-
    That their groundless alligetion to thwart my efforts and energy into abandon my ambition to be the Father my children needed failed!

  2. Your story is an inspiration to other father’s in a similar position.

    For any single dads reading this, Families Need Fathers are a fantastic support organisation, and also Wikivorce online forum can provide much a community of advice and shared experiences.

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