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Gift Economy


“In my ideal world, work becomes a matter of the expression of our gifts, motivated by passion, called forth by needs, and not coerced by money.”


Click to hear from from Charles Eisenstein, Theorist and de-growth activist, talks about the benefits of a gift-based economy.



Money is just a tool – it should never be the real force behind why we create and campaign and build a better life for our families.

I choose not charge for my time speaking to people who are looking for ways to stay out of court. to open their hearts to co-parenting and to save money, because I feel strongly that you shouldn’t have to pay money just to get basic information – even if that information can be surprisingly hard to find!

In the same way I ask many of the experts with vouchers in the Box and on the web directory to offer free initial conversations or introductory sessions, so that you don’t have to pay to find out what they do, how it is relevant to you, and whether you like them!


Why can it be so hard to find the right information at the right time?


That may be because there are too many vested interests in keeping everything the same.  Maintaining a family law system that fails to encourage co-operation – unless you take advantage of mediation or collaborative law as the better way to break up – is financially benefiting many law firms in the US and UK, and of course elsewhere.  So I feel that is important that more of us speak out and try to change that situation, as adversarial divorce is not inevitable – it is a choice – but people need the right advice and to be able to talk to wide range of helpful people who can support that choice in a holistic way.

I believe that choice of being in charge of your own divorce, instead of handing it over to a judge to decide, will bear fruit for your families, for yourselves and for society as a whole.




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For your complimentary 15 minute phone call to help you create a map of who to talk to first, and how to stop your family breakup from becoming – or remaining – adversarial, call me between 10am and 8pm Monday – Friday on: 07525 059 634.


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