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Financial Planning Week Interview with Charlie Reading

Financial Planning Week Interview with Charlie Reading

As we come to the close of Financial Planning Week 3-10 Oct (yes, I know, they didn’t start it on a Monday or end it on a Friday!) but it is still a good opportunity to raise the profile of a profession that doesn’t get the limelight it deserves.

Some people confuse financial planners with mortgage advisors or insurance salesman. Yes, some also provide those services. But planners do just that – they help you to plan ahead using cashflow forcasting, and create a vision of how your financial future could look, and what to do to bring that vision to life.

Interview with Charlie Reading of Efficient Portfolio


1/ What is the main reason that you think, based on your experience, that people about to divorce should talk to a financial planner?

It helps them better understand what they have from a financial perspective. It helps them understand the best way of splitting those finances, so that everyone benefits most, including ultimately their children or beneficiaries after they have gone. Finally, it helps them see into their financial future more clearly, so that they have the piece of mind knowing that they will be ok, and if they won’t, what they need to do to fix that.


2/ What are the key  financial mistakes people make when separating/divorcing?

They do not collaborate in order to look at the most tax efficient split of their investments, thus maximising the assets for them and their children. They also often do not seek financial assistance until the end of the divorce. Whilst that is the stage that financial advice is needed, i.e. where to transfer a pension splitting order to, the more valuable piece is financial planning, and that should be done much earlier in the process. If it is, through Lifetime Cashflow Forecasting you can obtain better clarity on what your financial future will look like, and as such, can go through the divorce with the peace of mind that you will be ok financially, rather than that being an additional worry through an already stressful and traumatic experience.


3/ Why do you love being a financial planner?

We can help people create a better future through inspirational financial planning. We love helping people create more of what they love. We also love giving people the peace of mind and reassurance that the future will be ok from a financial perspective, with the right guidance.





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Charlie Reading

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