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How Do I Fill In The Form E When Divorcing?

How Do I Fill In The Form E When Divorcing?

Often referred to as “the dreaded form e” – there’s no need to panic.  Actually, it is not legally required that you fill it in, but if you have any assets at all to split, you will find most solicitors unhappy to assist you if you can’t list clearly what they are, along with what you need to support yourself and your family.  S0 it’s an exercise worth doing.

You may also want to use a maintenance calculator to work out what income you may be due from your soon-to-be Ex, as part of gathering the financial divorce information together and deciding how you will be splitting assets on separation.

If you want to know how to amicably end a marriage, then being completely transparent with the financial situation is key.  But you might want some help. Accountants can help gather the information you need to fill in the form e, and a Divorce PA can also help you with all the extra admin that this process may entail.  If you are working with a mediator, they can also help you.

You can access free information on how to complete your form e without using a lawyer if you register for the free resource: Best Way To Divorce DIY



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