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exhibitor testimonials

Testimonials from Surrey/Hampshire border SOS Road Show at Farnham Castle Feb 2011:

“Just wanted to say a big congratulations on a fab show last night – seems like people came from far and wide to attend. We had a really good evening with the Revealed stall!   I’m hoping to follow up with people over the weekend and next week, but I’m very excited about the prospects we met…. I’d also like to know about any other events you may have further afield as I would be very interested in attending.”
Elrina van Zyl

“Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for organising yesterday so efficiently, you are great!
We had an excellent evening, lots of contacts and thanks to your huge marketing efforts and tips were able to make much more of the evening than we would probably have done otherwise…… Thank you so much for welcoming us in as you did, and look forward to being in touch again soon.”
Alison O’Mahony
Be StepWise

“Thought the night had a real buzz about it, the message is obviously getting out there.”
Paul Cobley CFPCM
Resolution Accredited Divorce Specialist

“I thought the evening was a big success. I met some really nice people and have collected a number of leads who I believe I will work with. It was interesting the geographic spread. Quite a few had travelled quite far to be there.”
Lucy Gilchrist
LG Marketing

Just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work which is much needed by many and much appreciated by me”

Diana Jordan
Divorce Consultant

“It was great to be part of the SOS evening last week…..I did have a lot of people stop by to chat and learn more which was great.”

Helen Turier, Holistic Empowerment

Testimonials from the SOS 2010 events in London & Brighton:

“a huge thank you for a fantastic event.. Well done to you and your team.”

Verity Frost, Forensic Accountant

“I got business, clients and workshop bookings out of it, so am well happy!”

Gina Hardy
Relationship Educator

SOS live event March 09

I (Suzy Miller) would like to thank all our amazing exhibitors and partners who made the first SOS event the awesome experience that it was. I’m looking forward to doing it all again!

PWMLtd @SuzyMiller Thanks for the kind words and just so you know we est. the spend for the SOS to be £1,170 and our % return was 1068%

“we all thought yesterday was fab – far exceeded our expectations of the level of serious inquiries and the whole ambiance of the event was lovely – everyone seemed happy!”

Val Rush, TR Resolutions, Exhibitor

“Thank you so much for a really brilliant day yesterday!! I loved it. It felt very special and such great energy and I met such great people.”

Julia Armstrong, Exhibitor

“Congratulations and thanks to Suzy and her team for creating and maintaining the concept and momentum for a hugely successful show.”

Kirsten Gronning, Breakup Angels, Exhibitor

“It was great and I’d love to be a part of it every year and in different venues…..the turn out was superb and the hotel staff incredibly helpful.”

Elissa J Da Costa, Barrister, Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer, Exhibitor

“Thanks so much having the foresight and the energy to organise this.  I found it very helpful because of the networking with other exhibitors…. I am certainly up for it next year!”

Charlotte Friedman, Divorce Support Group, Exhibitor

“You have done a great job launching the show… vision, tenacity, entrepreneurship are all words that come to mind.  There was a great energy at the Show.”

Estelle Laybourne, non-denominational pastor

“You can definitely count on me to exhibit at the next one….I have received positive feedback about the show from the people who visited me – I do hope we have managed to help more people than not to move forward to new beginnings.”

Martina Mercer Hall, Life Designer

“thank you for putting together something so amazing – I am delighted and honoured to be part of it. I feel that the work we are doing is so important – creating healthy ways of relating. That’s what I’m passionate about and my vision for the future is that we create a society where endings are acknowledged as part of successful relationships. This requires a fundamental shift in our hard wired understanding of marriage. If we can achieve that, the positive impact on other areas of our lives will be enormous.”

Vena Ramphal, holistic coach

“I think the show was brilliant…..Congratulations on your first show, I am sure SOS will become a regular and familiar event”

Geoff Cox, Xocai Chocolate

“Myself and the in:colour team really enjoyed our day at the hotel, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Bernay Laity, in:colour consultancy

“I thought the show got off to a very successful start which can only be put down to your hard work enthusiasm and pre show planning. There is no reason why it should not build on Sunday and go from strength to strength.”

Robert Sheppard, Findon Legal Consultants

And a couple of our visitors comments for good measure……

“Thank you so much for arranging this – it was excellent…… I will certainly be contacting one or two of the advisers I met. Thank you again.”

I.B. Visitor

“I was at the show and I thought the atmosphere was fantastic – relaxed, friendly, helpful and brilliantly organised – well done.”

A. O’Neill, Visitor

‘Coming here today has sealed it, really. It makes me feel I’ve moved on, taken control a bit.

‘What I’ve gained from coming here today is that it’s more helpful to talk to people who know the legality of a situation, who do not hate or blame or even know my ex.’


Interviewee at SOS London by Daily Mail 10 March 2010

(contact for information about exhibiting at SOS events)

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