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Who do I speak to first? Download a guide to who can help you at each stage of starting over at SOS: Starting Over from divorce or redundancy? Who do I talk to first? Sept 2011

Our talk:

Speaker: Paul Cobley – Church’s Financial Planning

Financial Planning on Divorce

Paul will provide a brief introduction to Financial Planning, how it differs from Financial Advice and how it can often provide a solution to the needs of people going though divorce. It is often the emotional needs that need healing, with the financial needs being secondary. Fear, anger, worry, denial and of course loss. These are emotions that will resonate with many people who have suffered family breakdown. Paul will address in a short 25 minute talk how Financial Planning, and not Financial Advice, can deal with these issues.

Interactive talk:

Lisa White of Too clever for counselling but still need help?

“Logical Levels of Change”

Think of a situation in your life that you would like to handle better in the future.  Or maybe there is a particular person who is a problem to you… this can include someone from your past who you no longer see, but who continues to bother you in some way.

After a brief explanation of how the “Logical Levels of Change” model works, I will guide you through an exercise which, potentially will transform the way you see and feel about the old problem situation or person.



Legal & Mediation:

Collaborative Family Law Group

image collaborative law group surrey hampshire border starting over show divorce

Hosts of the Surrey/Hants SOS Road Show


Naim Qureshi Collaborative Family Law:

Family breakdown is one of the most stressful events many people go through in the course of their lives. We can advise and guide you through the process, helping you to concentrate on rebuilding your life and, particularly where children are involved, on maintaining family relationships without unnecessary damage and acrimony.



Divorce Mediation: Samantha Jago of RHW Solicitors

Samantha is an accredited family law specialist with both the Law Society and Resolution, and she is also a qualified family law mediator with rhw solicitors.



W.Davies: Wills/probate/trusts

A well regarded regional law firm based in Woking for over 100 years.


Lee Newell BardellsLLP: Redundancy & Unfair Dismissal

Are you facing problems at work – have you been unfairly treated by your employer (including your colleagues) or have you been unfairly dismissed and need to explore your options? Talk to an expert employment law practitioner and accredited mediator and find out what you can do to redress the balance or obtain a remedy to your complaint.
Lee advises clients on a wide range of employment matters including dismissal, redundancy, TUPE (when employment transfers to another employer) and discrimination. As well as being an accredited Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mediator, Lee holds a Bar Council Licence with the Bar Council of England and Wales and has also represented clients in the ET and EAT.
Lee has the benefit of seeing both sides of the coin and as well as acting for individuals, he also acts for client organisations in both the public and private sector and during 20010/11 was retained to advise a joint department of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.



Financial advice from Ian Taylor of Davenport Financial and Paul Cobley of Church’s Financial Planning.

Book a free financial powwow and speak in confidence to an experienced financial planner, who can help to demystify money-matters, and guide you towards a future where you are fully in control of your finances.

We can help you to prioritise your expenditure and to budget sensibly. We can also arrange longer meetings to help with more complex issues such as pension sharing, school fees and tax planning.

The service we offer which people often find the most useful, is helping you to create a long term financial plan; modelling the lifestyle you want against the assets and income you have, in order to create a sustainable structure and to help you to achieve long term financial security.

When you book your free powwow, we will provide you with the code for two free tickets to the SOS Road Show.




Jason Peace of Eurodebt Financial Services: Providing debt management solutions to people in financial distress

Eurodebt are a licenced and registered debt management service who have been in business over 16 years.  Eurodebt are currently assisting over 2,500 individuals with serious debt problems.  Our long term goal is to help you become debt free.  Eurodebt will always act in your best interests and help put you back in control of your finances.


E-Accountants: Kim Teh FCA business tax & accounting advice

With many years of experience in the accounting industry, E-Accountants (one of the leading Accounting firms in Surrey, UK) offers accounting, taxation, payroll, and bookkeeping to customers throughout the local area.  Founded in 1994, the firm is a member of ICAEW and has their mark of practice assurance.  Our service is designed to be cost effective, helping clients to increase their revenue, reduce costs, increase their profits.

We offer valuable advice for people starting in business or starting over in business.


Wellbeing & Inspiration:


Soul Conneczions

Marina Pearson assists individuals in overcoming relationship breakdowns and the heartache of divorce and breakups.

Working with my clients I see this every time. I see that they come with anger or hurt but by the end they are able to see the blessing and the gifts of the situation and how the person they once saw as their enemy they now see as their friend and supporter.

The truth is we usually don’t see how situations that we label bad can help us in that moment or even in the long run. How many times have you confronted a situation that in the moment it was happening you thought it was the worst thing that you could go through? Maybe years later you now realize that without that experience it would not make you the person you are today?




Achievers Coaching: Annie Winfield is a Survivor Coach

Following a life changing event, sometimes we need help sorting our thoughts and direction.  I will enable you to identify what you really want personally or professionally and then support and guide you while you achieve your goals.  I will keep you focused and on track and will help you overcome any challenges and obstacles in your way.



Rhiannon Ford Divorce Coaching: practical & emotional support through divorce/separation

Rhianon Ford Divorce Coaching provides step by step support for people going through divorce or separation.  A qualified solicitor, Rhiannon has valuable insight into the legal process, providing her with a clear understanding of the emotional difficulties facing her clients.  She can also help on a practical level, translating legal jargon, completing legal forms and giving guidance to prepare for court and mediation.






Fresh Eyes Consulting

Rianna Avis shows you how to deal with ‘difficult conversations’.

Riana works with people going through divorce and situations synonymous with ‘difficult conversations’ where discussions are often derailed by conflict and strong emotions. She teaches strategies and skills so you can better manage your emotions, stay more balanced, keep focused and feel more in control. Armed with these tools, it becomes easier to have these discussions, stay in discussion and work through the issues so you can get unstuck and move on.




Jennifer Hooper: Family Crisis & Wellbeing Therapist MBACP

Mind and mind-body therapies, for domestic violence, divorce and separation with a counsellor and specialist therapist-coach.  Feel freer and much happier now with a human experience just for you with Jennifer of Jennifer Hooper Enterprise. Her Energy Organics business focusses on a holistic-psychology by means of organic food supplement and other products as a complete solution to Wellbeing.


Jenny Edwards: Sexual & relationship therapist

I have been working as a Sexual and Relationship Therapist with couples and individuals for more than 20 yrs.  I write about issues that couples face and I also lecture and I am involved in teaching medical students about sexual issues. Couples seek me out when either one or both of them feels the relationship is no longer working for them or there is a crisis in their lives which they are not coping with. In 2009 (the last year for which figures are available), there were 113.949 divorces in the UK.  I firmly believe that many of these could have been prevented if the help of a professional such as myself had been sought early on.  When a relationship breakdown is inevitable then I offer a safe place for either on or both of the partners to share their distress and to help them to learn from their experience to give them a better chance of not repeating it in the future.

My main practice is at the Cardinal Clinic in Windsor but I also see people in Beckenham in Kent.  I am an accredited Member of the College of Sexual and Relationship therapy, an accredited member of the British Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and a member of the British Infertility Counselling Association.  I am also a qualified Family Mediator and a member of the Family Mediators Asociation.



Too Clever For Counselling and Still Need Help?: NLP based masterclass for mothers.

An NLP based personal development service, showing people how to improve the quality of their thinking, their behaviour and their lives.  Private One to One sessions as well as the revolutionary ‘Masterclass for Mothers’, an intensive programme offering support and help for mothers wanting to raise the bar on their parenting, relationships and their lives.


BeStepWise: professional support for step-families

Be StepWise brings wisdom to step-parenting.  We are a team of qualified, experienced, step-parenting professionals; here to enable you to realise your family’s potential and experience all the good things that step-family life can bring.  Many step-families experience difficulties, frustrations and challenges.  Be StepWise through one-to-one and group workshops help you make your family rewarding, fun and special.



My Offspring

Online diary & tools to reduce post divorce conflict




Cory Cook Professional Organiser: Organising solutions for big life changes

Navigating through a major life change – such as divorce, redundancy or a move – is incredibly stressful. Our physical surroundings can bring us down and represent our upheaval. Cory will guide you through an intelligent, hands-on process of organising your living or working space. Clear out the old and start afresh!

Specialties include: homes, home office, paper management, time management, de-cluttering, wardrobes.



Photography: Scott Collier Photography

Photographing families in their new forms.  Positive images ideal for online networking, business profiles and just having fun.



The Mystic Housewife: Spiritual psychotherapy.

Traditional psychotherapy combined with spiritual psychic knowledge bringing an added level of insight.  Offering a confidential, caring level of service of counselling and therapy, bringing you clarity, comfort and hope.


Magnus the Masseur: African Rhythms Massage combined with truthful conversation
“My name is Magnus Woyingi-Kuro Agugu, which means The Great Power of Gods Love.

My aim is to lay my healing hands on as many people as possible and to inspire and set people free to follow their spirits. I wish to heal people through touch, smiles, hugs, massage, dancing, words, laughter and using every medium available to get my message across.

I am an extraordinary British-born African healer, who combines African Rhythms Massage with
truthful conversation.

My treatments work on physical, psychological, cellular and soulular levels, thus impacting every area of a persons life.

A treatment will leave you nourished, nurtured, re-vitalised and back in touch with the joy of life, a peaceful heart and an optimistic outlook.

One Massage,
Many Possibilities


Business Opportunities:


Paul Way: Utility Warehouse – helping people save money on bills and creating an income for themselves

I help individuals create an income from helping themselves and others save money on household bills and general shopping.  This can be part time or full time, with full training and support, to fit in with your lifestyle.





Surrey Law Centre.

The Surrey Law Centre is a registered charity employing qualified solicitors dedicated to providing specialist legal advice and representation to the community of Surrey who are either eligible for legal aid or unable to afford the services of a traditional ‘for profit’ solicitor in the County of Surrey.


South West Surrey Domestic Abuse Outreach Service: Support for people suffering from any type of domestic abuse

Providing support and services for those living with and/or fleeing from domestic violence.  Helping survivors re-build their lives through support, advice and education.  Services also extend to the children who have witnessed or suffered abuse themselves.



Farnham Fitness & Wellbeing Centre: Much more than just a gym

Welcome to Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing, an innovative approach to your health and fitness.

If you’ve belonged to a traditional health club before, you probably feel a bit underwhelmed by the general level of facilities and service once you’ve signed up.

But we’re not interested in just getting you to sign up and then ignoring you. Our aim is to improve your wellbeing for the long-term by helping you to actively take control of your health. And we do this by offering a combination of fitness facilities, health services and expert staff that you’ll find hard to beat.




Chandananda Yoga in Guildford

Michelle Chand runs Chandananda Yoga in Guildford.  She believes passionately in the transformative power
of yoga as a vehicle for self- development and transformation.

Her belief is that “…you don’t have to be fit, thin, young, flexible, vegetarian, celibate or particularly clean living to benefit from a yoga practice…”

Michelle endeavours to make yoga fun and accessible to everyone no matter what age, build or level of fitness.  At the SOS show she will be giving informal talks on the possibilities that yoga could hold as a tool to help move through turbulence in life, to gain strength both physically and psychologically, and to become flexible not only in body, but in the ability to roll with the changes that life brings.

There will be opportunities to try simple yoga techniques including movement, breathwork and positive visualisation, or just to put your feet up in a nice calm space, and you are welcome to just pop along and join in, no special equipment or clothing required, just an open mind.

Michelle can be contacted via her website for details about classes, corporate work and individual tuition.




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