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Lawyers, financial and wellbeing experts have their say

Are Limiting Beliefs Preventing You From Divorcing?

There was an article written in the Telegraph about the financial implications of separating without legally doing so. It covered the legal situation that many people find themselves in by not proceeding with a divorce, even though they’d separated - some for many...

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How A Divorce PA Can Help You Have A Better Divorce

“It doesn’t have to be like this, David” I said to my new, overwrought client who was desperately scanning through his emails for the details of the expensive, litigious, “big gun” London solicitor that his friend had recommended. “It’ll make this situation even...

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Alternative Ways To Divorce

Divorce and Separation can be far less stressful if you use 'alternatives' to going to court - such as Collaborative Law or just keeping things peaceful and out of the court room. James Belderbos is one of those family law solicitors who would much rather you sorted...

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The Big Mistakes Men Make When Divorcing

What are the key classic errors men often make and how to avoid them   Sussex-based family mediator Julia Warnes offers some guidance for men when divorcing: “I would say the most common mistake is often not obtaining advice at the earliest opportunity and often...

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Divorce And Financial Planning with Paula Ryan

Financial Planner Paula Ryan speaks to Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller about how valuable it is for a divorcing person to speak with a financial planner at an early stage of the process. "The common mistakes people make when it comes to divorcing and the financial...

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Theta Healing Radio Interview with Debbie Talalay

  In this Brooklands Radio Surrey interview with Theta Healer Debbie Talalay, Debbie explains how Theta Healing is a quick and powerful way to heal the mind of subconscious blocks - and also physical problems.     She relates an incredible story about a Theta Healing...

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Securing Your Financial Future After Divorce

  In his interview with Suzy Miller of the Alternative Divorce Guide, Charlie Reading, of Chartered Financial Planning firm Efficient Portfolio, talks about securing your financial future after divorce, and how to prepare for and deal with the financial impact of...

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Stressed dads – fatherhood and divorce

  Susan Cowe Miller reassures new dads that there is a simple way to deal with the inevitable stress of fatherhood using Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).   This technique would be particularly useful for dads who don't live with their children, and where the...

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Powerful divorce stories and “Should I hire a hit man for my Ex?”


The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Divorcing

  Step 1:  Accept that you might go a little crazy   It’s OK, we’ve all gone a bit mad during one of the most stressful and emotionally gruelling experiences known to man - family breakup.  The trick is, don’t let your insanity destroy your finances, your family...

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Breaking The News To The Children

I wanted to share this moving account sent to me by a mother who 'broke the news' to the children at a family meal, of the possible impending divorce between her and their father. The names have been changed, of course, as the journey is still ongoing - but it fills...

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Is Your Soon-To-Be-Ex An Idiot?

I’m going to bust a divorce myth that makes a mockery of any sane divorce strategy. It’s the one called: “Oh no, my husband/wife won’t use mediation.” Now stay with me on this, because you’re smart, right? And you don’t want to be making a mistake believing in a myth...

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Should I Hire A Hit Man For My Ex?

One of the questions a divorcing person might sometimes ask is: "Should I hire a hit man for my Ex?" Well, there’s two ways to read that question. One is - give your ex a present of a hit man because perhaps you know someone they don’t like very much (hopefully not...

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How To Make The Best Divorce (Recipe)

Here is a simple recipe for the Best Way To Divorce. Follow this and avoid many of the disasters that can befall those those who manage their own DIY or self-managed divorce.  With a divorce recipe to hand, it's possible to save thousands on legal fees, and avoid...

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Integrating Families Can Be Tough

Nigel shares how difficult it can be to integrate families post-divorce.  Sometimes the 'new wife' can be a powerful force for peace! Demi Moore & Bruce Willis who are masters of managing the ‘blended family’.   Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin also stayed friends...

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Even Swans Get Divorced

Petra isn’t known for her philandering. A number of male swans attempted to make her acquaintance in the two years preceding December 2007 – but Petra rejected them all, for she was in love with a plastic swan-shaped pedal boat. The romantic escapades of the black...

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Weapons of War – children and divorce

  Will divorce really harm my children?   No-one wants their kids to be used as weapons in an adversarial divorce – yet so many families fall into that trap. Your children can grow up as happy as everyone else’s kids – despite the divorce.  But let's be aware of the...

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