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EFT Helplessness Part 2: Feeling Stronger

EFT Helplessness Part 2: Feeling Stronger


Once the ghastly emotional trauma of a marriage ending and the divorce proceedings being started, there may be an opportunity for some dust to settle. Realisations take place and there is a change of perception from the confidence or acceptance of a marriage to the raw awareness of failure or abandonment. Strong feelings of sadness, rage or injustice often dictate during this difficult transition time. However decisions need to be made and life does go on.

This blog and video is for those who are a step beyond the rawness and disbelief that a marriage or a long-term relationship is now over. EFT Helplessness Part 2- Feeling Stronger, is ideal for you.


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Tap along to the video. Use words true to you; tap down those feelings which do not serve. Don’t forget to re-visit when the road gets bumpy!

This video can offer opportunities to appreciate that

  • Better decision making becomes easier when you feel emotionally stronger.
  • With regard to divorce legalities you can be more open to recommended paths; so a sensible and realistic outcome can become possible.
  • Anger, rage and unrealistic but heartfelt injustice can potentially be hugely detrimental to your physical health.
  • Re-ignited confidence and self-belief can once more be possible.


The potential health benefit of doing this routine probably outweighs 100 times any 5 minutes you may spend empowering negative feelings of justified unforgiveness or desperation.

When you are open to a positive outcome and when blocks have been addressed, welcomed opportunities can quietly come your way.


Take a moment to consider these points.

  • When you feel anger; you attract anger.
  • When you feel weak; you attract more weakness.
  • When you feel confident and believe that your world is moving toward better; better comes to present itself.


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For those still in deep emotional pain ‘EFT Tapping- Feelings of Helplessness Part One’ is for you.


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