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Divorce TV Expert Panel February 2019: Holistic Divorce

Divorce TV Expert Panel February 2019: Holistic Divorce




Zina Arinze divorce coach CRZina Arinze
Reinvention Life Coach, Divorce Recovery Strategist, Author, International Speaker

Zina is passionate about helping women in leadership, business or ministry emerge victoriously from the mask of grief after divorce, break up or the death of a loved one to smoothly transition from we to me so that they are empowered to reinvent their lives and careers with joy, become emotionally healed, spiritually whole and financially secure.

Working with Zina is a breath of fresh air, having undergone numerous reinventions herself due to divorce, health or in her various professional careers, she is a true testament all things are possible and that everything you once knew can be reinvented for better. Reinvention is her journey and now she teaches it.



Kirsti-Cox-Financial-Planner-Sussex-Financial-Advice-LondonKirsti Cox Wealth Management

After spending a number of years employed by a financial services global corporate organisation I was invited to join the prestigious St. James’s Place Wealth Management. Fulfilling a personal dream to be self employed and work with individuals. I have been extremely fortunate to work with some incredible people and a number of the most prestigious global brands, however there is no better satisfaction than helping individuals on a personal level.

My style of financial planning is a conversation focused on each clients lifestyle in a warm and jargon free environment.




Mihaela Berciu: Conflict Resolution

Mihaela is a Cambridge Certified Executive Coach who works with and advises board members, top-level executives and entrepreneurs seeking to excel in their career.

Her approach is focused on exploring personal and professional values, understanding aspirations, removing barriers and visualising the path to success. Her client portfolio ranges from prestigious national to large international businesses. She also hosted a top-ranking TV show and published two best-selling books dedicated to career success.



Anneth Bryan: Restorative Justice

I am a Communication and Restorative Relationships expert, public speaker, coach, trainer, restorative justice consultant and FM Business Partner.

I personally coach individuals who want to progress in specific areas of their life or who wish to overcome past traumas, cope and recover from abuse or harm and those who wish to gain confidence. I use my knowledge and years of practice experience to deliver person centred strategies that support individual growth, enhance interpersonal communications and promotes equilibrium.  I also teach and consult on how people can manage external or personal conflict in any setting using restorative approaches. I also train and equip foster carers to look after children and young people who have suffered abuse.

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