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Divorce TV: Best Way To Split Retreat Expert Panel

Divorce TV: Best Way To Split Retreat Expert Panel

The Best Way To Split Retreat is coming to Sussex!

Here are some of the experts who will be at the event talking about divorce and co-parenting:




Whatever The Stage Of Your Family Separation Or Divorce,

Find Out How To Split Without Damaging Your Kids

(In A Luxurious Venue –

WITHOUT your partner!)


The Best Way To Split Retreat

…..or get your messy divorce back on track

  • How To Reduce Or Avoid Entirely Any ‘Court Time’ Saving On Average £25,000 – £75,000
  • How To CoParent Successfully Even If You Don’t Like The Other Parent Anymore
  • How To Stay Psychologically In Control And Avoid The Common Mental And Physical Side Effects Of Divorce
  • DON’T come with your spouse/ex partner! This is ‘YOU-time’. Men & Women Welcomed.


Everyone who books their space – or even just registers for the free brochure – will be

added to a prize draw and have the possiblility of winning their space at the Retreat for free,

thanks to Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors and Knill James Chartered Accountants who have

sponsored two complimentary spaces for guests at the event.


Click here to be included in the draw for a free space

by simply downloading the brochure.



“Suzy was able to offer really important and comforting advice on the whole process and offer positive alternatives to help guide me through this stressful time. Her contact list is extensive and she was able to put me in touch with a many great people who were also able to offer guidance and make the process much less painless. I’m really glad I met her and feel like my journey through this difficult period has been much more positive because of it” 🌟  KM


"Thank you for your wise words Suzy and You are absolutely right, I need to continue with this from a place of love in my heart and not from a place of fear or hate, which is what I promote to others in my line of work. THANK YOU again, I asked the Universe for help and you appeared." 💚  MM

Who I am


Divorce Strategist and Public Speaker

Through my own experience of family break up, of not having any legal protection (no living together agreement), and watching my married friends get divorced and the misery and cost and conflict that came about, I felt a need to share what I have learned.

I created live events to help families to be more resilient; a Directory of Experts focused on non-adversarial ways to divorce (mediation, collaborative law – all keeping people out of court); and a way to create a Living Together Life Plan and Agreement so those who don’t marry will not end up in the situation I found myself in.

And as the Alternative Divorce Guide, I am always happy to guide people towards the right person to talk to at the right time, and offer them a wealth of resources through my online CoParenting in a Box.

What do we think of us

Wow you are an amazing resource Suzy!!

I liked the way things are set out. I like the information, it makes sense. And it is supportive

Thank you so much!


Hi suzy, thank you for all the help in your email… I have to say your reply was by far the best as regards to help and information…

Thanks again, you have given me some good options so I’m forever grateful,



As well as getting new clients, to date I have found several contributors for my book and I have also won a corporate coaching contract.

In my experience, the benefits of being one of the featured experts are far-reaching and long term and I can thoroughly recommend this way of collaborating.


The Single Mums’ Survival Guide

Feel Free to Contact Me


  • Email me at or use the contact box
  • Live messaging can be seen bottom right of the screen.
  • You can pose your questions in our FORUM

If you need to talk to me direct, you can phone on 07525 059 634

but I would advise you to set a time via email first please.


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