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Divorce Statistics Study 2012

Divorce and Children: New Study Confirms Irreparable Harm

A study published in January by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, “The Effects of Divorce on Children,” by Patrick F. Fagan and Aaron Churchill.

“Divorce has pervasive weakening effects on children and on all of the five major institutions of society — the family, the church, the school, the marketplace, and government itself,” Fagan and Churchill concluded.

The concluding section of the study commented that unlike the divorced parents, who can often find relief following separation, children’s suffering continues long after divorce. In fact, its effects continue for decades, as long as three decades.

Even as adults, those who experienced divorce as children experience more emotional and psychological problems compared to those from intact families.

“Divorce wreaks havoc on the psychological stability of many children,” the study found. It referred to research carried out on seventh and eighth grade students that showed parental divorce was the third most stressful life event of a list of 125 life events. It was only surpassed by the death of a parent or close family member.


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