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Divorce, redundancy & other life changes


All you need to know about starting over from life’s tough stuff in one SOS



‘It makes me feel I’ve moved on, taken control a bit…. it’s more helpful to talk to people who know the legality of a situation, who do not hate or blame or even know my ex.’ Rachel
Interviewee Daily Mail 10 March 2010


What is a Starting Over Show?

A life style event focusing on turning life’s tough stuff like:





…. into a catalyst for amazing change.


How does SOS change lives around?


A room full of friendly experts providing:


Good Information:

staying out of court

protecting your children

saving money


Great Inspiration:

life coaching

new business opportunities

well-being experts


All in one SOS with tea, cake and comfy chairs, quarterly on a Thursday evening, local to you.

“I did feel supported there – the energy was amazing and it was worth the long journey.” (visitor from Herts)


My vision:

To create Starting Over Shows throughout the UK, so we can all deal with life changing situations earlier rather than later.



Going through divorce right now? Have a look at our Alternative Divorce Guide Divorce In A Box here…..



Watch the video to learn more about Starting Over Show events:




More about Starting Over Shows:

The Starting Over Show is the first UK event to help people bounce back from divorce, relationship break ups, redundancy and other life crises. On the day, we create a safe haven in which you can take professional advice to build the confidence and skills you need to go it alone.

A relationship break up, divorce, redundancy or other life crises can be the perfect time to make positive changes whether that’s starting up the business you always dreamed of, getting your pension sorted, or losing weight and taking more care of your health.


Want to know more? Call Suzy on 07525 059 634



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You may have read about SOS London in The Lady magazine…….




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Our first SOS was featured on Wogan’s Pause For Thought!





SOS brought together a lovely mix of professional

support to dip into from a whole spectrum of



Really enjoyed my visit. A great concept.

Good luck with Brighton!” Mary

I like the show because everyone had a positive

attitude, the stands were varied and covered

different aspects of info on starting over. There

was a good mixture of legal and professional advice

and people were very generous with their time.

The location was central and convenient…..

Overall uplifting” Slaveia

“I attended the starting over show because

I am starting a new business venture and I also

wanted to seek advice regarding civil partnerships.

I was delighted to find that I met people to help

me with both. Overall I felt that the show was

extremely informative very relaxed, inventive

and reasonably priced for entry. … I would be

happy to recommend this to anyone starting

over in any way.” Rozanna Roberts

“I felt that this show was totally unique! It

embraced an area of life that often goes unnurtured

and unembraced! It was a joy to be a part of

this experience.” Emma

“Thank you for the tremendous contribution
this show made to my life in 2009.
Although a little sceptical, after meeting only two
exhibitors I found myself more financially sound and
buzzing to wear new and brighter colours!
And it was fun, so looking forward to your
2010 show.” Shayne

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UK divorce advice: Need to know how to start over from divorce or family breakup? For a clear guide on how to map your way through the legal, financial and emotional minefields of divorce, contact me with your questions and I can guide you towards the best people to help you.  And I don’t charge!



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