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Divorce is a confusing time even before you deal with the finances

Divorce is a confusing time even before you deal with the finances


In this video the Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller interviews Financial Consultant Lottie Kent of Riverside Financial Consultants about how confusing and scary divorce can be, and why the last thing you need is to be getting stressed about your finances as well :


“As the daughter of a broken marriage, I understand how hard divorce can be and I know the last thing you want to be worrying about is your finances.

I appreciate going through a divorce is very confusing, stressful and scary – especially if you are not the one who has dealt with the finances during your married life.  However, by seeing the correct professional it is not as daunting as you may think.  We don’t expect you to know anything or everything – your needs and objectives are the most important thing to us and we will do all we can to help you to meet those goals.

I am Lottie Kent, a fully qualified financial consultant and I work with a company called Riverside Financial Consultants, where we have specialists in a range of financial planning areas.  These include mortgages, protection, investments, pensions and estate planning.

When going through divorce you want to deal with as few people as possible to save on cost and for simplicity, so rather than dealing with numerous companies for all your different areas of financial planning, it makes sense for you to choose a financial company that can accommodate all your financial needs in one place. Of course, I have all the necessary qualifications – and it is vital that you choose financial planners who have the correct professional qualifications.  Just because someone can sort out your mortgage, doesn’t mean they are qualified to deal with splitting your pension during a divorce.

When discussing your finances at such a traumatic stage of your life, equally important, is to choose someone that understands you, your objectives and the path your wish to take –  in complete confidence.”


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