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Divorce in the workplace part one with Zina Arinze

Divorce in the workplace part one with Zina Arinze



Professional women typically wear a mask.  I know I used to wear a mask and hide my true emotions.   We feel we are not allowed to be vulnerable.  If you hold a high postion in the workplace you feel that you are not allowed to be emotional or to show any vulnerability.   

Your boss or director may feel that you can’t hold it together and you may feel that you could lose your job, as you are seen as someone who may threaten the bottom line of the organsiation, because you have ’emotional problems’.   


Researchers show that the ending of a relationship is deeply stressful and only surpassed by the stress of dealing with a death of someone close to you.  You feel like your heart has been ripped out, as if the world that you once knew has been torn apart.  I’m not trying to paint a terrible picture, but if you have been through divorce you will resonate with what I’m saying. 


I’m Zina Arinze and I’m known as the divorce re-invention Queen!  I’m also the founder of Believe and Live  It’s a lifestyle and mentoring service for female professionals and business women and entrepreneurs.  It’s something that I’m really passionate about.   Helping women who are in transition from ‘We’ to ‘Me’.   Helping women to regain their self confidence and self esteem.   Helping them to know that they are allowed to be vulnerable. 


I believe that women in the workplace need to have a way to learn to deal with the stress of divorce so that it doesn’t have to have a catastrophic effect on their career.

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