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Divorce in the Workplace part 2

Divorce in the Workplace part 2

Zina Arinze of Believe and Live Again is a career woman who knows how tough it is to get divorced and hold down a high level job at the same time.


One of the reasons I love what I do is because it’s my story.  I am a mother and a professional.  My first degree was in Law, I have an MBA and I was married to a doctor.  We were one of those ‘professional couples’.  I work as a project management consultant in high pressure jobs, and when I was going through my divorce it was so difficult to separate my work life from my home life.

I would go to a board meeting talking about million pound projects and wondering if I could actually deliver, as my emotional life was so intense during the divorce.  I’d go off to the toilet and have a good old cry and then get back to work again.  I didn’t have anyone to talk to.  I was relied upon to sort things out for others but I would wonder – who would sort things out for me!  You can be from any social standing or social class.  But what you need most in these situations, is someone to talk to.

Typically we play the blame game, wondering if we had done things differently our husband may not have left, or how come I can keep a job or a business together, but not a marriage?  How can people I don’t respect keep a man and yet I’ve failed?

I can resonate with people going through those situations and beliefs and help to pull them up by their bootstraps, get their confidence back, and help them to be who they really are – their authentic self.  You don’t need to wear a mask anymore when you leave the workplace for the day – you can come along to my events and meet other professional women in the same situation, or access one to one sessions..  You need to be with someone who won’t laugh at you or judge you for being vulnerable, so you can take off that mask for a while.

You have people who help you before you get married, after you get married, before and during the divorce – but what about after the divorce?  Your new life? Who is there to help you?

I am!








Zina Arinze

Believe and Live Again after Divorce

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