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Divorce in a Box goes to New York

Divorce in a Box!
Break up right – please don’t fight!

(press release 30.03.12)

Divorce in a Box is the latest – and most innovative – product to hit the divorce market in years. A real box which comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit both men and women who want something tactile and attractive whilst navigating their way through divorce.

“These boxes help keep people out of court”, explains Divorce in a Box creator Suzy Miller, a UK Divorce Planner who has been featured on BBC television with her ‘extended family’ extolling the virtues of stay-out-of-court divorce.

“By putting couples in direct contact with top professionals who offer complementary one on one advice sessions, Divorce in a Box supports people wanting to save money, protect the children and pursue an amicable divorce. You won’t find any divorce papers in these boxes, just good information and great inspiration on how to ‘Break up right – Please don’t fight!'”

Miller has been collaborating in the UK with government body The Ministry of Justice, in promoting mediation and collaborative law as ways to stay out of court. “I’m completely independent” explains the 48 year old entrepreneur. “I’m not a lawyer or a divorce coach – but I’ve been through family break up and I know that people need both good information and just as important – inspiration! It’s a tough time and we can’t do it all alone, especially if we want to turn a broken family into an extended family”.

The mission behind the box is to encourage families to avoid fighting it out in court, which can escalate into high financial costs for the couple, and also for the court system itself, which is why the UK Government are so keen to encourage mediation. By taking a holistic approach via the videos, booklets and a wide range of expert advice – including financial expert advice from Hollis Colquhoun – families are able to deal better with the practical and emotional aspects of family breakup, so that they can break up without breaking down.

Miller, the creator of the first UK ‘Divorce Expo’ in the UK in 2009, is visiting New York during the cities own first ever Divorce Expo, Start Over Smart (31 March – 1 April 2012) which was inspired by her own Starting Over Shows in the UK.

The boxes retail online at $79 including delivery, and include over $600 worth of free access to top experts like Parenting Expert Rosalind Sedacca, who is a speaker at the New York expo, and celebrity divorce coach TV and radio personality Francine Kaye.

“I’m visiting mediators and collaborative lawyers in New York during my stay so they can see the benefits of the Divorce in a Box for themselves, and how it acts as a “travel guide” providing their clients with free access to financial, wellbeing and parenting advice. I hope they like it!”

The US boxes can be bought online at

UK boxes are available from



Suzy Miller
 Divorce Planner
+44 (0)7525 059 634

Expert comments from ‘divorce professionals’ available on request.
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You have more choices than you may realize so you can …

✓ Protect your children
✓ Stay out of court
✓ Save money
✓ Maintain your sanity

Get the dependable answers you need:
Your “Travel Guide” through Divorce!


Includes vouchers for more than $500 of one-on-one
expert advice and resources!


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