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Divorce First Aid for Employees interview with Suzy Miller

Divorce First Aid for Employees interview with Suzy Miller

Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller talks about Divorce First Aid for Employees in this podcast interview with Single Mums’ Survival Guide author and transformational coach Vivienne Smith:

“Family breakup and divorce has significant health consequences both physically and emotionally, and therefore it is vital that co-workers and managers have a basic understanding on how to deliver “First Aid” in the form of guidance, access to resources, and a non-judgemental approach.

Divorce-related stress is made far worse by the situation becoming adversarial, and the financial strains and sometimes separation from the children can lead to difficult behaviour, absenteeism and self destructive behaviour in employees who are affected.

Divorced men are twice as likely to attempt suicide than married men.  In the UK, between 15,000 and 20,000 couples go to court to resolve child access disputes each year. In a survey by Mischon de Reya, one in five parents admitted their primary objective was to make the experience ‘as unpleasant as possible’ for their former spouse, even when they knew that this made things worse for their kids.

I  deliver the talk in my role as the UK’s Alternative Divorce Guide: I collaborate with the Ministry of Justice in promoting mediation as the preferable route through divorce, and I write regularly on healthy co-parenting and better ways to divorce for national magazines, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail.

My objective is to take the fear out of talking about Divorce and family separation, and to inspire employees to offer healthy guidance to their fellow colleagues (and family and friends) that will keep their family-change out of the courts.

The talk I provide is humorous, packed with key information but mostly, it helps people to let go of the idea that a nasty divorce is ‘normal’, and inspires them to see better ways of navigating changes of family form.

The result is a reduction in stress-related absenteeism caused by family breakup and a more emotionally intelligent workforce.”

Suzy Miller: Alternative Divorce Guide



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