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Reducing your financial outgoings during divorce

Reducing your financial outgoings during divorce


In this video the Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller interviews Financial Consultant Lottie Kent of Riverside Financial Consultants about how a financial advisor can help you reduce your outgoings during divorce, and release finance that can be used to secure a safer future for your children:

“I worked with a lady who wanted to stay in the family home, but the monthly payments were so high that she and her daughter were going to have to find another home because of the financial situation around the divorce.

I was able to guide her to one of our mortgage experts at Riverside Financial Consultants and together we got her to a situation where she was able to reduce her monthly payments significantly by remortgaging.  This obviously takes a great deal of stress out of a divorce situation.

This same client was worried sick about if something should happen to her, how her daughter would be supported and cared for.  So I was able to find suitable insurance cover so that she would have peace of mind and because of the savings she made by remortgaging, this woman was able to afford the cost of the insurances.

All parents want to know that their children are well cared for – even if they are not able to be there themselves due to an accident or illness.  My client was able to get that peace of mind and know that her daughter’s financial needs will be met no matter what might happen in the future, until her daughter becomes financially independent and can look after herself.”


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