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Divorce Coaching Video by Claudia Crawley of Winning Pathways

Divorce Coaching Video by Claudia Crawley of Winning Pathways

In this short video Claudia Crawley talks candidly about what it feels like to go through a divorce and how she wishes now that she had known about the power of coaching when going through her own – it would have saved her 10 years of unnecessary struggle.



Life Coach Claudia Crawley tells us:

“Have you ever been through a divorce? I have! So you could say that I’m more than familiar with the hurt, anger and sense of loss that this trauma creates. Now, I’ve been through it twice, and I’ve worked for many years with battle worn separating parents in dispute over their kids, so I guess you might call me a divorce pro (in the best possible way of course).

When my marriage number 1 broke up I was still a youngster. Yes, I had my doubts and my fears, but somehow I didn’t feel as challenged as when marriage number 2 fell apart.  Here’s what that infuriating inner voice kept whispering in my ear;

‘I’ll never get over the guilt and embarrassment of having failed’.
The answer I didn’t hear at the time was: “Yes you will! Just give yourself time and get a coach to help you work through it. And remember, mistakes are there to learn from. And with maturity comes wisdom and experience – resources you can use in abundance to see you through.”
All my inner voice was saying at the time was: ‘I’m on the scrap heap. At my age, I’ll never find another man who’ll want me’.
The answer I should have heard was: “Yes you will! Contrary to popular belief there are guys out there attracted by the maturity of a woman over 40. Just give yourself a bit of space and a bit of time to heal and then get back into the dating game.
Other fears plagued me: ‘My friends are in relationships and might not want me hanging around’.
Answer: If they’re friends worth having, they will! They’ll be there for you, regardless of whether or not you’re in a relationship.
‘Where do I go from here?’
Answer: Are you kidding me?! What about that dream you’ve had for a while? The one you put on hold because you were married. Here’s your chance. There’s no-one to hold you back, now – except you yourself.  So re-discover your courage and magnificence. Just go for it!
So how can someone going through the same experience now save themselves the struggle that I had?
Simple – they can access free resources that keep them away from an adversarial divorce, and sign up with Winning Pathways Coaching where they will have me rooting for them on their successful journey to a life after divorce.

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