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Divorce Coaching is not the same as Counselling

Divorce Coaching is not the same as Counselling


Zina Arinze of Believe and Live Again shares her views on how divorce coaching can differ from traditional counselling:

“One of the things that people need to understand is that there is a difference between being a coach, being a mentor, and being a therapist or a councillor.  Now a councillor will help you to uncover what’s happened in the past.  You might have some hidden issues from your childhood. that have really formed you, and developed you, and made you who you are today.  That have been instrumental in making you who you are today.  But have also been hindering you from moving forwards.


But a coach like myself, we talk about your future.  So my business and my passion is to get you into your future, get you to stop looking at the past.  You cant expect to have a better future if you are trying to take the past with you.

I’m not going to be working with you to try and unravel the past.  I’m going to be working with you to try and get you into a better future.  To help you to reinvent yourself.  I am known as the ‘Reinvention Queen’, and I’ve reinvented myself several times, and I can help you to reinvent yourself as well, to be a better, greater version of who you are right now.


As a wife, as a partner, and as a parent, you tend to lose yourself in those roles.  You want to be the best you can.  I can help you to work on yourself, to help you realign yourself with who really are.  To help you rediscover and redevelop who you are.  And that’s what a coach does – helps you to set goals for yourself.  To take baby steps and step into your future.  So: “what do I need to do now to get where I want to be”.  I would probably ask you questions like what does your ideal future look like to you?  Does it mean you losing weight?  Does it mean travelling the world?  Riding on a horse? Re-educating yourself? Cutting all your hair off? (That’s what I did!)


I will help you to take those baby steps, set goals, we’ll talk about any limiting beliefs that you may hold which stop you from moving forwards.  “I’m such a failure”; “No-one’s going to love me again”; “My ex said I was rubbish so I must be rubbish” and all those self-limiting beliefs that we tend to have – those gremlins that when we take a step forward, they take us ten steps backwards.  I will help you through that journey.  It’s a lovely journey.  I’m not going to fool you by saying it’s not sometimes a bit traumatic for some people, but with me you will emerge on the other side, better, bolder than you’ve ever been, reinvented, released, passionate about the new life – and the new you!”



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Zina Arinze of Believe and Live Again after Divorce

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