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Divorce Coach Rhiannon Ford Surrey SOS


Rhiannon Ford Divorce Coaching: practical & emotional support through divorce and separation.

Rhianon Ford Divorce Coaching provides step by step support for people going through divorce or separation.  A qualified solicitor, Rhiannon has valuable insight into the legal process, providing her with a clear understanding of the emotional difficulties facing her clients.  She can also help on a practical level, translating legal jargon, completing legal forms and giving guidance to prepare for court and mediation.

Client Testimonials
“After finding myself at an unexpected crossroads in my marriage, I felt in need of some legal guidance, however, at this point I was not ready to consult with a fully practising lawyer.  I was then fortunate enough to be put in touch with Rhiannon through a close friend.

Rhiannon has provided me with invaluable, empathetic advice.  She has carefully explained where I stand legally which has enabled me to take stock, examine my options and has helped me to consider the best way to navigate through my situation.  After meeting with Rhiannon feel more empowered and confident, which in turn will help with making all the important decisions I now have to make going forward.” A from Surrey


“I was put in touch with Rhiannon recently following unhappy revelations in my marriage. I met with Rhiannon and she explained all the legal jargon in a way that was clear and easy to follow. I felt at ease despite my personal unhappiness and Rhiannon was sensitive yet thorough. I have had follow up phone calls that have again been useful in saving me time and money with a solicitor. Rhiannon is easy to talk to and extremely informative and I will continue to call upon her if I proceed with a divorce at a later date”. S From Kent

“At a time of such confusion, stress and uncertainty It was an absolute relief to receive such sound guidance and support from Rhiannon which not only made sense of the legal processes but offered a great source of comfort and clarity. I couldn’t recommend this service more strongly” L From London


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