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Dating Advice from Karen Marshall podcast interview

Dating Advice from Karen Marshall podcast interview

Dating and Relationship Coach Karen Marshall shares some handy dating advice with me prior to going off to a dating event.
Having not dated for some time, I’m not the easiest subject to advise, but I found Karen’s guidance very useful.  I did remember not to ask any of the chaps about their Ex partners/wives, despite revealing myself to be a Divorce Strategist.  And I did remember to mostly just enjoy the evening and felt more confident than I would have if I hadn’t had the session beforehand.
Noticing body language is not something I’d really thought about before – or spending more time not just listening – but observing the other people.  Do they make eye-contact?  Are they comfortable in themselves?  I tend to make excuses for people, thinking “oh, they are shy”.  But I don’t want to date a 5o year old man who hasn’t learn to become more sure of himself.  We’re not teenagers!
I guess it’s about focus and remembering to not judge, but to ‘take note’ of behaviour or aspects that would indicate a less than ideal person to potentially date.  The conversation with Karen allowed me to stand back and really think about what I want, what I don’t want, but to still approach the event in a positive way.”  Suzy Miller


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