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Best Way To Divorce Discovery Voyage


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On this separation voyage, are you confident you know the landscape well enough?

How to avoid the icebergs, the Bermuda Triangle – and thousands of pounds in legal bills you shouldn’t have to pay?


This journey includes x2 1-1 Full Divorce Strategy Sessions (Value £600)





Do you really understand what everyone does, which experts to talk to – and when?


This course takes you through the journey in a way that leaves you feeling in control of the process.






Are you confident about your emotional strength to deal with this voyage?

Are you ready to be in charge of happens next or are you tempted to hand over your power to strangers working within a toxic family law system?

Divorce First Aid ensures you are able to deal with the psychological effects.






Why not come on a journey where you will become informed, aware, confident (though maybe still a little scared – but that’s normal)?

You will be clear on your destination – planning ahead, and avoiding the pitfalls that others encounter.







You’ll know who to get help from, and when, and how, to keep those thousands of pounds for the kids instead of handing it over in legal bills for no better outcome.

How you can make sure you don’t end up with a broken family.  You will evolve into an extended family.


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