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what is DIY divorce?

There are two varieties: DIY out of court – which means you get the necessary paperwork from your local family courthouse, fill it in, submit the forms and if both of you agree on everything then hey presto, it’s all done and dusted.  Of course you will need to wait two years after an official separation if you want to avoid stating grounds for the divorce – such as infidelity, abandonment etc – but even then couples sometimes agree to ‘lay blame’ for...

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why should I do a DIY divorce?

Online divorce or – even cheaper – just going to get the paperwork from the courts and doing it all yourself – is the least expensive way to get a divorce, providing neither party is going to disagree with any aspect of the divorce.  In other words, if you have no complicated assets – like pensions to split which is a very specialized area, or child access issues – then DIY is probably your best option. The key advantages are that you don’t need to hire a...

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Litigant In Person or Self-Repping

In my case I self-repped AND used counsel, bringing in the “gun-for-hire” when points of Law needed to be argued, and then standing on my own when it was appropriate, so I’ve seen both sides of the coin. Likewise I’ve faced counsel, and later, a self-repping ex-partner. I did this for the following reasons. Firstly, process. It’s extremely complicated at times and counsel know the process, which is why I used them when I needed to. Secondly, cost. Court is...

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"A Successful Litigant In Person"

In 1999 I represented myself at a 3-day trial during my first divorce. My ex’s lawyers presented me with a 990-page Bundle just hours before the final Hearing! Pre-Hearing  I was offered just £8,000 (of a £900,000 pot). I was almost bullied and intimidated into accepting it! After three days of cross-examining my ex; and finding the crucial ‘evidence’ I needed to prove both our 16 year history and my contribution, I’d nattered away long enough for the judge to comment that my ex was ‘the...

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In the divorce court – without a lawyer

  Sophie’s recent court case experience…… I can only describe being a Litigant in Person as a fast track to madness ! Not only is the system designed to promote elitism through it’s use of antiquated language and procedural nonsense and thereby exclude the lay person, it also denies the existence of the very real requirements of the litigant in person and therefore, their need for assistance from the Court… unelected civil servants. The Civil Procedure Rules...

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