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Can you see the story in our short film?

The 7 stages of relationship breakdown recovery – a short film

See more of Tankus the Henge, whose excellent song Smiling Makes the Day go Quicker, is the soundtrack to this short film.

Tankus the Henge met 2 years ago whilst working at fairgrounds and theme parks on the outskirts of London. They are steam driven.

Jaz Delorean is the singer. He is also responsible for piano, accordion, trombone and top hat.

Chris Owen plays guitar and sleeps in the van next to the carousel.

Dan Mason plays bass and administers to the early morning drunks at The Grey Horse.

George Bird plays trap kit and superdrum.

They are aged between 20 and 22. Most of the time they have known each other has been spent touring, recording or working on contraptions that throw live human beings into the air at great speed.

They will have an album out this year. In the meantime their download only single, ‘Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker’, is available on itunes.

“Almost the Beatles” – BBC radio

“Tankus the Henge are going to be huge” – XFM

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