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Brynne Edelsten’s ‘brutal’ divorce a lifestyle choice over divorce mediation?

Brynne Edelsten’s ‘brutal’ divorce a lifestyle choice over divorce mediation?

US-Born Brynne Edelsten described her divorce as “nasty and brutal”, leading her to declare she “would never be friends” with the former Sydney Swans owner as she battled to finalise her financial settlement.  But conflict creates stress – both financial and emotional – which is why divorce mediation could have made Brynne’s experience of divorce very different..
Samantha Jago, Divorce Mediator and Solicitor at RHW Solicitors, believes that the emotional, health and financial costs of divorce can be transformed by making a different choice, which is why she offers a Fixed-Fee Mediation service.

The stress of an unhappy marriage has knock-on effects on health and finances, often leading to poor eating habits and, sometimes, the need to take medication for depression – all of which can lead to weight gain. Socialite Brynne Edelsten revealed recently that she put on 20kgs during her marriage to Geoffrey Edelsten, which she managed to lose after the “hideous” split. She blamed the weight gain on the medication she was taking.

But her divorce seems to have been even more unhappy than her marriage – so although Brynne lost weight and boosted her self esteem as her divorce came to a close, she also lost many thousands in legal fees.


brynne edelston divorce
While for many, divorces are a painful process, calls for conflict-free divorce have been on the increase since the 1990s when moves to cut legal aid began. However, a government in austerity is focused on the short-term cost savings, often at the expense of fair settlements.

Amicable settlement is certainly something to aim for, but not at the cost of fairness, and seeking legal advice in the first place is still the best way to prevent long-term heartache – and choosing your mediator wisely.

Samantha comments that: “A MIAMs is compulsory before any Court application can be made in any event, so it is worth taking it one step further and booking in for a mediation session with your ex.”

Recent research has shown that the cost of legal services is plagued by a serious lack of transparency, and with the limited budget situation families face during separation, it’s important that they know from the outset that the costs of mediation will remain manageable. An unexpected large legal bill would only add to the stress of divorce and the negative health effects that can result.

In reality, mediation is not about making quick easy decisions that you will later regret. It is about creating a sustainable long-term agreement on how two people will now live separately – and if they have children, how they will continue to collaborate peacefully.

As an accredited family law specialist with both the Law Society and Resolution, Samantha offers a fixed fee mediation package with a clear cost structure which ensures that clients’ costs will not escalate out of control. In this way, clients can plan for what they can afford and how far they want to take the process. This frees up energy to focus on the legal issues during the sessions without worry about finances. Avoiding court action by using mediation sessions effectively can keep the legal aspects of the divorce to a minimum and support an overall holistic approach which in the long run reduces costs.

Samantha is a qualified family law mediator at RHW Solicitors Guildford, Surrey, regularly advises for the Surrey Law Centre at Guildford CAB.  With Samantha’s services, you can achieve either a clean break divorce or negotiate your spousal maintenance, reducing the cost of divorce. As well as Fixed-Fee Mediation services, there is now also the unique opportunity to buy a holistic pack for divorce for all-round support. This includes initial sessions with key experts in their fields alongside the Divorce Mediation service.

Taking responsibility for one’s health post-divorce is great – but what about taking responsibility for the divorce itself – so it doesn’t end in a nasty way?  Why suffer huge legal bills and experience a “nasty and brutal” divorce ending in a vow to “never be friends” – when there are better ways to get a divorce?



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  1. Or you could man-up/woman-up and go and seek proper help before it gets that bad (I don’t mean counselling). Learn about yourselves and each other, get a relationship education, rather than just hoping for the best.
    Then, after that, if you still want a divorce, then (i) at least you will truly know why, as opposed to just reacting to pain and anger, (ii) you will have learned a lot, so that (iii) you are far less likely to make the same or similar mistakes again.

    • Couldn’t agree more Andrew!

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