Gain a new income source - help more people!

Divorcing people need someone to help them with their 'divorce admin' ....

....could that helpful person be you??

Take clients from overwhelm to success by helping with the admin - take pressure off that divorcing family so they can become a happy extended family......

From overwhelm to success

From chaos to relief!

Full training provided - maximim 1 day to become qualified as a UK Divorce PA

Be part of the UK's only team of experts focused on helping couples to find a more amicable way for their families to change form.....

  •  You don't need to have any legal knowledge
  •  You don't need to know anything about divorce


You help them piece together the information from lawyers, financial advisers and other experts and complete their 'to do' list.

All your clients will need is someone to help fill in the paperwork, and their divorce organiser (provided) - a helping hand.

Already experienced as an admin assistant or PA and want to add another skill to your repertoire?

What will you gain from this training & promotion?

  •  Your profile will be included on the Alternative Divorce Directory + you will receive the full marketing service (at a huge discount for your 1st year)

  • Full training takes max 1 day - 3 hour workshop + online training (flexible, at your own pace)

  • Personal introductions to divorce lawyers, divorce financial planners, divorce coaches etc to build your referral network

  • Online promotion and direct referrals

The Divorce PA training is created by Suzy Miller: The Alternative Divorce Guide

Suzy Miller: Alternative Divorce Guide