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Be Aware: 12 Key Questions to ask about your Will when divorcing


When you go through a divorce or separation there is much to think about – but there are 12 important questions to ask yourself right at the beginning of the divorce process, if you are to fully protect your family’s interests:



  1. Your estate could go to your ex partner – you can stop this.
  2. Your share of the house could go to your ex partner – this can be protected
  3. Your children’s next of kin, after you, is potentially their other parent – is that what you want?
  4. Your ex partner’s new partner may inherit your wealth – you can prevent this.
  5. Your parent’s Wills may favour/benefit your ex partner if you were to die before them – would they want that?
  6. You may no longer have sufficient life cover – are you dependent on income from an ex partner?
  7. Your Inheritance Tax burden may increase – find out how.
  8. Your new partner may not be able to live in your home when you die – would you like them to?
  9. Your ex partner may benefit from any legacies you receive from other family members – you can stop this.
  10. Your new partner’s estate needs to be protected for their family – they should not lose their inheritance.
  11. Your new partner’s subsequent death may create an Inheritance Tax burden that you may have to pay – Can you afford that?
  12. Who would you want to manage your affairs, and how, if you suffered an illness which prevented you from doing them yourself – Give someone you trust the powers to do that for you.


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