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An amazing day full of courageous people

Information for divorce and breakup

Inspiration for Starting Over

Our SOS Event (see the video here) was full of courageous people starting their lives over.  I salute you all!


If you are lucky enough to have met Julia Armstrong at the Starting Over Show in March, you will know what I mean when I say she is a dynamic and inspiring person.

Julia Armstrong

Pioneering coach, mentor, therapist – and international athlete

“Julia and her work are unique. She has a special gift in understanding exactly where you are, where you would like to be, and guiding you to a place where you can truly trust your inner self.” (Angela Dawes, co-founder, Micromuse Inc)

Click here to read more about Julia Armstrong

Listen to Julia being interviewed here…..


Why worry about a Will when a relationship breaks up? Jaci Godman Irvine: Estate Legacy Services Wills and trusts I work with Estate Legacy Services and I am a member of the KCC Buy With Confidence Scheme.

shared stories

“A desire to know, to be safe, and we misguidedly seek that safety within the arms of another who is doing the same thing. Or in the definition of a career, or in my case in sport – if I run fast I will be loved. If someone marries me then I am definitely okay and loveable……”
Relationship coach Julia Armstrong shares her own starting over story

See other personal stories here:

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7 things NOT to do when getting divorced click here to download pdf  sos-7-things-not-to-do-when-getting-divorced-april-09

sos live event news

The first ever UK Starting Over Show on 15 March 2009 hit the pages of the national press in a wave of positive publicity.  What our SOS event proved was that ‘failure’ is not about having bad things happen to you – it’s about not doing anything proactive to improve the situation.

Our SOS Event (see the video here) was full of courageous people who discovered a wealth of information and inspiration and were able to take further steps in starting their lives over.  I am proud of the event we created, and proud of the visitors who came and made it such an amazing day.

The winner of the Xocai healthy chocolate is………

John Wood of West Sussex, who completed our online survey on how friends and family survive relationship breakup.  Happily, John has never been in that position himself but, like most of us (87.4% know someone going through breakup during the last 2 years according to our survey), John is keen to be supportive of others who are, and is glad to be able to point them in the direction of SOS Village.

What was the prize? Free registration license (WORTH $40.00) to be a Xocai distributor for anyone John knows who wants to have a home based business, and also A HEALTHY SAMPLE OF THE XOCAI CHOCOLATES worth £40.00. So John will enjoy some yummy Xocai healthy chocolate which hopefully he will share with his wife and family, and not just eat it all himself.

The results of the survey can be seen here: sossurveysummary-2008-09

diary of a sole parent

“I wrote in 2008 to a friend “We let our romance die without resort to a single doctor. Let’s not make the same mistake with our friendship”. One of the most shocking realisations post breakup can be that even if you strive for a healthy post relationship amicability, their can be little encouragement from outside forces…..”

Short Film:  The first of its kind, and it’s just the beginning…… watch what happened on 15 October 2009

networking links

Wikivorce forums packed with useful advice and guidance Other great resources for starting over To find professionals who are all personally recommended visit CertainShops – professionals online


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Why make a will? Or update one due to a change of relationship status? C.J.H. Consultancy Services can help

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All the things you need to know about breaking up and starting over in one SOS

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