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Alternative Ways To Divorce

Alternative Ways To Divorce

Divorce and Separation can be far less stressful if you use ‘alternatives’ to going to court – such as Collaborative Law or just keeping things peaceful and out of the court room.

James Belderbos is one of those family law solicitors who would much rather you sorted things out in a peaceful manner, than ended up needing to be represented in court.  As a family man himself, James prefers to take an intelligent approach to the challenges of separating finances and parenting responsibilities.

James supports divorcing couples in the Leicestershire and surrounding areas, and he has a strong collaborative network of other professionals such as financial experts, coaches and counsellors, since divorce is a process that requires many types of expertise to get the desired end result.

The more intelligent and non-combative the approach, the more money a couple can save and the less ongoing stress they will have to suffer.  Which is why James is a strong proponent of Collaborative Practice, and he is himself a qualified Collaborative Family Lawyer.

To find out more about how the Collaborative Law Process can make divorce and separation so much less messy, click here.

To find out more about James Belderbos, click here.




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