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A whole new way of breaking up right

Linda Kelsey’s article on Divorce Day out today in the Telegraph mentions my Starting Over Shows, but doesn’t mention that there is a whole new alternative to the commercialisation of divorce, something that is taking off on a local basis and the like of which has never been seen before in the UK – or abroad.

At the Starting Over Road Show at Farnham Castle 10 February 2011, visitors will learn about non-adversarial approaches to divorce.   Local Citizen’s Advice Bureaus and GP surgeries are making the SOS flyers and free code for tickets available to people who are going through divorce or family breakup.

SOS is collaborating with the Ministry of Justice and educating people about the role of mediation and also introducing people to collaborative law (which keeps you out of court).  Just as important, we are helping people to deal with the pain and confusion – so we have counsellors, divorce coaches, goal mapping experts, passion coach, mystic housewife – and NO divorce cakes!

It’s all about asking different questions.  Instead of ‘what will I get from my divorce settlement’ a better question is: ‘will we be swopping the kids over at motorway service stations for the next 10 years because it’s neutral ground?”

Instead of divorce parties and t-shirts, divorcing couples have the opportunity to learn all the skills they failed to learn when married – like communication skills, focusing on a positive future, letting go of the past, using this painful time as a catalyst for amazing change.

“Divorce Fairs” started in Europe and the Starting Over Show was the first similar event in the UK to support people going through divorce and break up – but in a very different way.  Unlike the first ever divorce fair held in Austria, SOS does not have any Private Detectives or DNA testers exhibiting.  We actively promote a non-combative approach to breakup.

Suzy Miller
07525 059 634
Featured in current Woman magazine article “Christmas with the Ex and his new wife”

Case studies and expert comments from ‘divorce professionals’ available on request.

More information:

Starting over from divorce or breakup?

Free legal, financial and wellbeing advice at Farnham Castle 10 February 2011.  Mediation advice, passion coach, mystic housewife – a holistic approach to divorce & break up.

Tickets available here now! (paste this link into your browser)

Book your free private legal & financial powwow, or a space at our life coaching advice and mediation salons right now while spaces are available.  Or just come along with a friend (tickets come in pairs) for friendly information & inspiration on starting over.

Previous Starting Over Shows received international press coverage and have been featured on GMTV and even Wogan’s Pause For Thought, for our innovative approach to supporting people through divorce and break up.  The events provide information (legal, financial) and inspiration (wellbeing support, parenting advice) to help people start over from what is a major life crisis, in a holistic and inspirational way.

Now a smaller, local version of the events – the Surrey/Hampshire border SOS Road Show – is returning to Farnham Castle on 10 February, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

Information about the event at Farnham Castle can be seen here:

Tickets available here now! Click this link…..

Farnham Castle, Farnham, Surrey GU9 0AG

Starting Over from divorce or break up?  Information & Inspiration in one SOS

07525 059 634

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