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"A Successful Litigant In Person"

In 1999 I represented myself at a 3-day trial during my first divorce. My ex’s lawyers presented me with a 990-page Bundle just hours before the final Hearing!

Pre-Hearing  I was offered just £8,000 (of a £900,000 pot). I was almost bullied and intimidated into accepting it!

After three days of cross-examining my ex; and finding the crucial ‘evidence’ I needed to prove both our 16 year history and my contribution, I’d nattered away long enough for the judge to comment that my ex was ‘the luckiest man he’d ever had in his courtroom’ (suggesting that in 16 years; he’d never put down a penny for his wife and child)….

I retained just 33% of assets. My “luckiest-man” ex-husband retained the remainder.


The judge commented that I’d been an exceptional LIP; adding he’d wished all were as good as me and the ex’s lawyers congratulated me and when I said I’d thought to train to be a barrister, they remarked they’d have no problem employing me!

In 2007 I married my ‘soul-mate’. I put my career on hold, to establish a business with my new husband and moved in to renovate his property. After two years of work, we had an offer of £1.5m from speculative Land developers; which prompted my husband to decide that the short-term marriage was over, and it was all “his”!

My husband tied all of our Business interests and Property into a ‘Partnership’ and I was issued with a ‘Dissolution of Partnership Notice’ under the Partnership law Act. He refused to co-operate with Mediation, forcing me to proceedings I could not afford. The judge indicated that he did not have to address the issues of the Partnership, leaving me with being re-instated with what I’d started with.

I have been intimidated away from a fair claim, through the in-justice of a system that favours the person holding the purse-strings. I learned that this man has benefitted financially from ‘conning’ EIGHT other women, including his elderly mother and his late-wife.



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