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A Part Of You

A Part Of You



Is he part of you, his loss feeling like an amputation?
Or was his Love nothing but an hallucination?
His going away like a dismemberment of heart and soul
The ripped abdomen of a bee that has stung and fled
The relationship is dead
Yet you are alive and it is you who are left with a hole
Playing out your suffering role
And strangely, no visible blood.
Your agony cries, more a victim’s sobs than a tearful flood
Of salty sacrifice, of abandoned child
Of anger raging behind that poor brave smile?


Is he part of you still?
Was he ever going to fill
The core of a being created to eat, shit and kill?
How can any one man possess the soul of another?
When we love freely, a sister or a brother
Nothing is taken from us
Because nothing is given
And nothing is forbidden.



Love is to be shared just as the land and the sky and the sea
Are the playgrounds for all of us who are free.
There is no ownership
Only stewardship
The landscape of our lovers is everything we create it to be.


Why not cut free the constraints and allow in shared affection?
Release those bonds of fear for loss of soul and heart and the need for protection.
For if there is a gaping void where love once rested
You are now a vessel ready to tear open the hatches to let in love and hope.
I know you may feel you have been surely tested
But now that you are rested
Go on, open the gates, pull on that rope
And sail away on that glorious boat.


Know that the love you give can only merge, flow and bind
Reconstructing a shattered soul
Once again to become whole
Though in truth its destruction was only in your mind.


Blessings to those pirates who you claim had pulled you apart
For in truth they shone a light on your already dismembered heart
They opened the lock gates to healing waters of love in many guises
The role of lovers is not to be the cause of crises
Just part of the ebb and flow of heart and soul
Where you too play your part.


Like the particles of this universe we call the world
Your love can never be taken away, nor lost, nor stole
Open your heart wherever the pieces may lay scattered
Take up the oars of a new voyage, though your sails may feel battered
And let the winds guide you. The lover may have gone – but see – he left behind the gold.



Be bold.




copyright: Suzy Miller 2012

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