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A much needed inspirational book for single mothers

A much needed inspirational book for single mothers

A new book was recently launched in Steyning near Brighton by a local writer, and that same book is now being launched in the USA and worldwide through Amazon.

In this interview with the Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller, Transformational coach Vivienne Smith explains why she wrote the newly published Single Mum’s Survival Guide:

“There’s a common misconception that we in Britain should rely on our stiff upper lip to get through adversity, that we don’t need those “self help” books that Americans seem so keen on! I would say that the issues single mums face are broadly similar, whether they live in the UK, the US, Canada or Australia. Indeed, this book has a truly cosmopolitan pedigree, written as it was by a British woman, published by New York publisher Morgan James and for sale in bookshops in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and available (via Amazon) across the globe!

On every page the reader will find real-life stories from single mums of all ages, nationalities and walks of life proving that the trials and tribulations suffered by single mothers are universal. “The Single Mum’s Survival Guide” is far from the vague and fluffy, feel-good platitudes that some people associate with personal development. There’s practical, down-to-earth advice from experts who work in the field of health, finance, parenting, divorce and separation (nothing vague and fluffy here!)

This book took nearly 14 years from concept to publication. I myself have lived through the various chapters – from dealing with the break-up, to breaking the news, to coping with the moment when my kids met their dad’s new girlfriend. I’ve grappled with financial and legal aspects of divorce. I’ve learnt how to find time for myself, how to ask for help and how to support my children through the process.  I’ve faced the dilemmas of forgiving my ex and dating again.

There have been periods of time (even years) where real life got in the way and the reality of being a busy working single mum resulted in this project being shelved for yet another day. There have been moments when it seemed easier to give up, rather than keep going. But they didn’t last very long. I’m a woman on a mission and nothing can stop me from helping other single mums out there to build a happy new life. It’s not just my story, you see – all those other single mums and the experts in my book deserve the chance to have their voices heard too and we have an important message to get across!”

The book is available on Amazon here:









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