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3 Top Tips for Co-Parents after separation with Eileen Howey

3 Top Tips for Co-Parents after separation with Eileen Howey



3 Top Tips for Co-Parents After Separation – with Eileen Howey

There are three Top Tips I would like to offer to parents who are separating or co-parenting.

First of all, don’t put the children in the middle.  It’s important that they are protected from the breakup process and that you keep them separate your negative feelings about the situation.

My second top tip, if for you to understand that you are going to parent differently.  When the children are at one parent’s house they will parent with different rules to the parent at the other house. You need to agree what are going to be the common rules – what is non-negotiable and is true for both homes.  That could be bedtimes, where they go to school, how you deal with health issues etc.

Everything else?  Well, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Within reason – unless there is a risk of harm to the children, don’t interfere to much in what happens at the other parent’s home.

Hate the term broken home

My 3rd top tip, is to talk to the children.  Let them know that they are still loved. That they will still be able to stay at daddy’s house and mummy’s house and have fun with their individual parents without the other parent getting upset or angry.

Essentially, just making sure that the children are secure as possible in your love. They don’t just have one family anymore. They have two!  Put a positive viewpoint on it and that will help them in the long run.

What I do really is help families and couples, who are all in relationship with each other, to look within themselves and understand what they want out of life.  To come to an agreement on what their shared hopes and dreams and goals are. To make sure that as parents, they are on the same page.

I offer locally 1-1 sessions in the Bromley area, or sessions over the phone or Skype (it’s easier to connect when you can see each other!)

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you as a relationship coach, feel free to contact me.  I offer 20-minute no-obligation introductory sessions.


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