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3 Pieces of Advice To Follow During the Divorce Process: Part 3

3 Pieces of Advice To Follow During the Divorce Process: Part 3


Look After Yourself


The last piece of advice I would like to give in this series of three articles, is that you learn to love yourself and to take care of yourself


I know we lead such busy lives, going to work, running our own businesses, looking after the kids, the home, the car, making sure everything is in order…

What about you?

What do you actually do for yourself?

Do you take time just for you (without feeling guilty!)?

OK you might watch TV once in a while to relieve the stress in the evening, but do you actually spend time with yourself at all? Take time to listen to your own desires, learn to know yourself, deal with your own issues?

It is important that you do so regularly and rather early on during the divorce process.

Because divorce will drain you physically and emotionally and you need to be able to deal with anything that comes your way, taking time to look after yourself is critical.

I was glad I had all the tools I needed to BeOK when receiving my Decree Absolute, first because it is an important step, but also because the official divorce date was stated as 14th February. What a great date for a divorce!

You need to find ways to reduce the stress on a daily basis. There are exercises out there that can really assist you. I share my own video exercise on my website for free.

The video provides a 2 minute exercise that you can repeat at any time of the day, maybe before you go and meet your lawyer, when you receive the dreaded paperwork (Decree Nisi or Decree Absolute), when your ex comes to pick up the kids for the weekend. You need something that will allow you to be fully present and help you to deal with issues as calmly as possible.

Because let’s face it, divorce can bring out the most unexpected responses in ourselves…

Help yourself to help your kids and claim your life back.


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