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3 Myths that Scare Divorcing Mums

3 Myths that Scare Divorcing Mums

I am a child psychologist Una Archer and I help divorcing mums to do whatever they need to do so that their children feel just as loved, secure and comfortable in their own skin as before the divorce and sometimes even more so.

Helping children feel safe is the most direct way of preventing and resolving any issues that the divorce can cause for them. Having had the privilege to witness the journey of a fair few mums I noticed that there are some ideas that seem to be floating in our culture and shaping the expectation that going through divorce will be incredibly difficult and painful and the children will be affected for life in the process.

I was compelled to write this workbook ‘3 Myths that keep Divorcing Mums Worried about Messing up their Children’ to help divorcing mums run a simple health check and if necessary to detox their thinking from those myths. I spelled each one of them out, explained why it is so important to not buy into each one of them and created some exercises that will offer immediate, tangible and liberating experience of what it is like to act completely opposite to those myths.

If you are approaching divorce, are going through or dealing with the aftermath of divorce I encourage you to take the time and go through the entire workbook. It will help you to get unstuck, stop wasting your precious time and energy and focus on creating the life you want for yourself and your children.

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