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Erotic chocolate helps beat the recession blues

As the Confectioner Cadbury announces a 30% rise in annual profits to £559 million, it seems the world is eating chocolate as an antidote to the recession. A well know `comfort food’, chocolate is not only being used as recession relief – but as a form of solace for those going through divorce.

In an ongoing survey by the Starting Over Show, over 28% of participants cited `chocolate’ as providing “solace and rescue“ when going through break up and divorce. In fact, two of the 37 exhibitors at the event, known as the UK’s ‘first divorce fair’, are indeed chocolatiers.

“Financial pressures are increasing the number of troubled relationships seeking help” reports Suzy Miller, producer of the Starting Over Show. “Some of our exhibitors – including Relate – have reported a significant rise in couples approaching them for counseling.”

Climax Chocolates are hand made and some are in the shape of scenes from the Kama Sutra. The outrageously erotic chocolates are as heady to look at as they are to eat, with a minimum cocoa content of 41% in the milk chocolate (which is double the cocoa content found in some major brands), and using Venezuelan chocolate from sustainable sources.

Chocolate has been purported as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Apparently the Aztecs first considered chocolate as an aphrodisiac and all foods made with chocolate were forbidden to women. However, it is also suggested that the Aztecs and Mayans celebrated the cocoa harvest with wild festivals. The website also tells us that chocolate brings instant comfort and acts as a mild anti-depressant by increasing our serotonin and endorphin levels.

Also exhibiting at the SOS event are Xocai `healthy’ chocolate, recently launched in the UK providing chocolate products made from raw cocoa, which contains natural health giving benefits. Not only are the products marketed as being good for you, but Xocai are keen to encourage visitors to the Starting Over Show to sign up as agents for the product.

Cadbury chief executive Todd Stitzer says that consumers are tucking into more chocolate at home as the recession takes hold. But visitors to SOS could be using Xocai chocolate to provide a healthy extra income in difficult times, while Climax chocolates could add spice and fun to those relationships that are suffering from the pressures of the financial meltdown.

Suzy Miller suzy(at)
Featured in Sept 08 issue of Eve Magazine
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Sources and links:
Starting Over Show

The Starting Over Show is the first UK event designed to help people bounce back from relationship break ups and life crises. The event is designed to give people going through relationship breakdowns access to a wide range of resources and specialists who can help them break up without breaking down. The SOS event takes place at the Barcelo Old Ship Hotel in Brighton on 15 March 2009 and will include a workshop with Divorce Doctor Francine Kaye and a talk by Daily Mail columnist Anna Pasternak (Daisy Dooley Does Divorce). SOS will be a safe haven in which you can take professional advice to build the confidence and skills you need to go it alone. The philosophy behind the show is useful information, honest communication, personal transformation.

Suzy Miller has also created an independent, non-commercial online resource hub – the SOS Village which allows people to access a range of resources and to share personal stories to help them through a break up.

Climax Chocolates
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Xocai Chocolate
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