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Child Psychologist Sussex

Child Psychologist Sussex

Help Your Child Deal With Divorce

Access parenting experts and relationship councillors


Parenting can be overwhelming at times, and going through divorce is definitely one of those times. During divorce, it is vital to focus on nurturing a secure relationship with your child. You can imagine your relationship as cloak that envelopes your child and creates a buffer between your child and the outer circumstances.

Contact the experts below to gain insight, strategies and support for your parenting during and after divorce.

  • Know what your child needs from you most at the moment
  • Be able to take simple daily steps to help your child thrive
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Be able to focus on deepening the connection with your child rather than worrying about what impact the divorce will have your children




Caron Barruw MSc,LCSW(USA)

Caron Barruw MSc,LCSW(USA)


Qualified psychotherapist

supporting you through divorce


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